The Move 3.2

by Jon Torrey

50, 1×20
90, 5×5
70, 50 reps

BW, 1×6
BW+90, 1×1
BW+45, 1×4
BW+10, 8×5

Session Press Tonnage: 6750
Total Press Tonnage: 62275

Pulled something in my midback during the last set of pullups. I’ll roll it out tomorrow and then take it easy this weekend. I’m no anatomy expert but I’d say the problem lies in the rhomboid major, latissimus dorsi, and/or erector spinae. My bet is lats at the rhomboid as the pain is localized to the area around my midback spine. You’d think a lat pull would be more to the wing and an erector pull would be felt in the lower back. Hopefully nothing major.