Why do we fall, Master Wayne? 5.4

by Jon Torrey

Foam roll.

135, 5×5

Bw, 5×8
Bw, 1×10 = 50

Iso Donkey Calf Raise
25, 5×10

1516 @ 1:53.0/500

Erg felt smooth and wasn’t nearly as hard as it was when I first started. The squats felt good as well. My left elbow gave me some trouble, which I attribute to the massive amounts of pushups. My shoulders are still tight and I really need to up the amount of mobility/tissue work even more. My ankle is stable as well. the calf raises didn’t irritate anything.

To anyone rolling their shoulders, what are you using? Tennis ball? Foam roller? I need to get some major tightness out of my shoulders and pecs.