Why do we fall, Master Wayne? 4.2

by Jon Torrey

BW, 15+x6, lost count after 15

Iso Leg Press, HS
2pps, 5×10

Iso Hammie Curls
50, 3×10

Hanging Pikes
BW, 3×5


Pushup Contest
8×30 = 240

I liked facepulls a lot more than the band pull aparts. I’ll be adding them into every session to help balance my shoulders. Pullups are once again becoming a joke which is great. Time to either go to sets of 7 or to start adding weight. I wanted 25 reps of pikes but only got 15 because my abs are still really sore from Sunday; pinpoints a major flaw. Weighted in at 188.5 this weekend.