Why do we fall, Master Wayne? 3.2 and 3.3

by Jon Torrey

BW, 6×6
BW, 2×7 = 50

75, 5×10

20’s, 3×5

135, 5×10

Incline Press, HS
45’s, 5×10

Curl, straight bar
60, 5×10

Pushup Challenge
25, 25, 20, 30, 30, 50, 10 = 190

Compare 2.4. Compare 2.3.

I combined days two and three today due to shifting schedules this past week. I delayed a session on Monday due to fatigue from the weekends events and work. Wednesday didn’t offer a viable time during the gyms open hours. Tomorrow I will be out to dinner with my parents, celebrating both of their birthdays. On Saturday I will get the 3.4 in allowing a rest day on Sunday before getting back to normal again on cycle four. To make up for the low volume today, I’ll be adding additional lower body volume during 3.4.

Overall, I’m glad to be back lifting with some conditioning on the side. I’m filling out medium shirts across the shoulders again and my arms feel bigger (thanks 5000 pushups in the month of July). I need to dial in my diet and up the amount of veggies I eat.