Training and Diet Overview

by Jon Torrey

By publishing my training and diet goals here, and not just privately, I hope to increase my accountability. I recently dislocated my ankle and have been working back toward full strength and mobility since getting the cast off.

My concrete goals are to keep the linear progression on the bench up for a good three months, putting myself at a respectable 255x5x5. I’d like to get back to squatting by the end of July and start a linear progression with that as well. I’m upping my conditioning work since I’m mega out of shape. I want to get back to climbing and hit some solid 9’s inside the next three months. I want to get back to where I was with pull ups, 100+ a gym session. I also want abs for the first time ever; still not sure how that will work out with the big bench.

I’ll be back to backpacking in about another month too. I want to let the ankle heal up a bit more before pushing it. My first trip will be the northern side of the MD AT, so nothing hugely strenuous but a nice weekend warmup.

I think I can do it all. I just have to stay on point and keep my consistency up, which admittedly has not been one of my strong points for the past two years.

Overall, get stronger, get sexier.

The plan, “Why do we fall, Master Wayne?” :

Day One
Bench, 5×5, +10 per session
Hor Row, 50 reps
Push Accessory, 50 reps

Day Two, Legs
I’ll be doing light work to increase mobility and to strengthen my ankle. Start with some BW work and move up from there. Jumping work as well as iso work.

Day Three
Press, 5×5 +5 per session
Vertical Pull, 50 reps
Press accessory, 50 reps
Pullups, until I die

Day Four, Legs

I’ll be doing some light cardio as well, either erging or biking to get my ankle up to par.